Cancer You Are Not Alone

31 Snowshill Road

London E12 6BE

Tel:0208 553 5366


Currently commissioned to provide services to Newham patients and carers by

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Cancer You Are Not Alone

Newham’s Support Group

Registered  Charity 1043700


CYANA was set up in 1983 to help support “anyone affected by cancer”.

 This includes patients, their carers, and their families, as cancer does not just affect the patient but has a huge impact on their loved ones as well.  We believe in the principle of holistic, user-led support  where we work with the person(s) affected to support them in the way they need.

At  CYANA we have all been affected by cancer in one way or another, either as patient, carer or relative of a patient.   Our strength is our experience and knowledge and we have made the choice to use what we have gone through to help others.

We strongly believe that in order for our service users to benefit we have to address their needs in a holistic way - to help address their emotional and mental well-being but also to provide advice and advocacy with other issues which may be affecting their health and causing them stress.  We have helped clients with advocacy around benefits, housing, access to services, helped them to understand hospital or official letters, and to fill in forms or provide documentation for various issues.

We can provide home or hospital / hospice visits for counselling if someone is too ill to visit us or is disabled (sadly our current office is only accessible via a flight of stairs).  

We can accompany vulnerable or distressed patients to their hospital consultations if required, to provide moral support, or to help explain what is going on or what is to happen next.

Our Asian Link Worker is available 5 days a week to help patients from Asian backgrounds or who have language difficulties.

We run two weekly support groups (Monday afternoon in Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi;  Wednesday in English) and one fortnightly (Muslim ladies group every other Tuesday).

We assist in facilitating a touring Men’s Cancer Support Group along with Macmillan and St Joseph’s Hospice, which operates  monthly at venues around Newham.